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I would like to thank all the people from the CDV700club and GeigerCounterEnthusiasts discussion boards.

Special thanks to: Eric Green and his Civil Defense Museum, Shane Connor from www.radmeters4u.com , George Dowell (K0FF), Onno Pietersen (Bigb0pper), Tom (Silvermoon), Kubric (kubric2002), Paul (southernradiation.com), Tracy Albert ( http://albert-cordova.com/Radiation.html ), David Smith from http://www.falloutshelters.dnswh.com/ , MadBrahmin web, SZM.sk and Fallout.cz for providing free webspace, Kalle Beljaev ( http://www.hot.ee/gasmasks ), Vojtlch Matousek, Bruce Beach, KIE and fallout.cz ...

The following programs were used: Microsoft Frontpage 2000, Adobe Photoshop 5, Irfanview and Notepad (part of MS Windows).

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