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The author of this site (so I mean me :-) is KILLIAN. My real name is Daniel. The nickname Killian (Killian Darkwater) is from a PC game called Fallout (1&2). I have a website, where you can read more about me, click here. In short, I am 18 years old and I live in Slovakia. I am interested in collecting geiger counters, civil defense items, airsoft, military equipment, gas masks, computers and making websites.

The purpose of this site is to provide information about my hobby, it has to be a guide for other collectors to find new meters and to know more about them. You can call it as a portal for searching information, which is not easy with the internet of today, this site has to make this easier. You can find here also links to other sites, that are in the same interest group as me. I don't make any profit from my site. You can use any information from my site (pleas ask if you need something that has a copyright from an other site)

If someone wants to help me with this site, please contact me. Any help is welcome.

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